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By embracing new technologies, consumer trends, artist input and well-established music industry relationships, TMG has emerged from "indie label" status, to being recognized as a major focus in the music industry. TMG has assembled a strong executive team, that spells success for TMG'S future. Moreover, our industry professionals have been chosen, not only for their superior level of expertise in each of their respective fields, but also because of their acceptance of TMG's vision and mission.


Jerry Holden, CEO/Founder
Thomas Gorman, COO of TYAD Music Group/President of Whatever Music
Kenny Bereal, President of N-fluence Records/TMG Music Publishing
Kevin Carroll, President of Tall Town Records
Kim Langbecker, President of Karnal Records/Director of TYAD Philanthropic
Javier Willis, President of Soñar Records
Cal Bennett, President of Steppin' Records
Kavion "KG" Griffith, President of The Beat Records
Sharon Winslow, President of UpsideDown Records
Dinasye Collins, President of NuTowne Records

Thomas Gorman, COO of TYAD Music Group/President of Whatever Music

Thomas, a legendary label, and Senior Promotion, Marketing, Sales executive with 18 years experience, is well established in both US industry centers having lived seven years in NY and eleven in LA. He directed numerous successful campaigns that established new artists and furthered the careers of previously established artists. Gorman continues to have strong relationships with the Broadcast Media (Radio, Video, Internet), Retail, Industry Trade Publications and the Artist/Artist Management Community. He has promoted artists such as Tina Turner, Duran Duran, Yanni, Heart, Paula Cole, Henry Rollins Band, Crowded House, Bob Seger, Captain Hollywood, Aimee Mann, Sinead O'Connor, Arrested Development, Poison, Slaughter, and many more. Thomas also has held senior promotions positions at Capitol Records, Chrysalis Records, Private Music, and Gold Circle Entertainment, as well as hired and developed many industry leaders.

In his role as TMG's COO and President of Whatever Music, Thomas relies on his vast experience to work with the company's executives on their day-to-day operations, along with overseeing the signing of breaking/established artists to the label. As with all of TMG's executives, Gorman is a member of an advisory board team who reports to TYAD Media Corp CEO/Founder, Jerry Holden.
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Kenny Bereal, President of N-fluence Music/TMG Music Publishing

Over the last fifteen years, Kenny has had a successful career in urban music with an impressive personal discography of artists he has written for and/or produced. His company The Hitclub Entertainment, which has participated in record sells of over $30,000,000.00 million and counting, has written and produced tracks for platinum artists including, Jamie Foxx, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Madonna, Missy Elliot, Mya, Monica, Mary J. Bliege, Latoya Luckett, Terry Walker, Fantasia, Angie Stone, K-Ci and JoJo, Timbaland, P. Diddy, Tweet, Mary Mary, and others. Bereal has also composed music for television, DVD, and blockbuster films.

Additionally, Kenny oversees TYAD Music Group’s publicity arm, TMG Music Publishing. His expertise is in the departments of Creative, Promotion, Business and Legal Affairs, Synchronization Licensing, Mechanical Licensing, Finance, Copyright, Foreign, Royalty, and IT/Computer.
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Kim Langbecker, President of Karnal Music/Director of TYAD Philanthropic

Kim is a dynamic and motivated executive with 20 years of experience in various aspects of promotion, marketing, and public relations. Her companies and clients have included Capital, Warner Brothers, Nitrus, Blackstar, DRT Records, and MCA/Geffen Records. Kim was instrumental in the development, cultivation, and sales of such artists as Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, Stone Temple Pilots, Tori Amos, Robert Plant, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Live, Tommy Lee, Dave Matthews Band, ZZ Top, Foo Fighters, Vertical Horizon, Eve 6, Lit and Verve Pipe, Alice In Chains, Soul Asylum, Dokken, among others. Kim also has held senior promotions positions at MCA, Geffen, and RCA.
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Javier Willis, President of Soñar Records

Javier with track record of identifying, developing, managing and promoting top talent, combines creative vision and extensive musical knowledge with strong management and leadership capabilities to drive revenues and market penetration. He has cultivated key international alliances and strategic business partnerships to identify international talent and closed multi-million dollar licensing deals, along with being a key contributor to explosive growth of Latin music industry. One of the acts he is in negotiations with is extremely popular and currently the #1 selling album on i-Tunes Latino, and #11 on the Billboard Latin charts. Another act Pepe Aguilar, whom I am currently working with in a management capacity, has sold over 12 Million Albums, and has only 1 album left to deliver on his EMI contract. Another act, world renowned Colombian artist selling 400,000 units in Germany, 300,000 in France, 500,000 in Spain, and 1.2 million in USA, just delivered second to last album commitment to Universal Latino. A new act we just started working with is Alejandra Alberti who is nominated for the Latin Grammy’s as Best New Artist.
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Calvin Bennett, President of Steppin' Music

Cal has been in the entertainment industry since 1971 when he was the featured saxophone soloist on Isaac Hayes’ Academy Award-winning Shaft LP. Cal has also performed and/or recorded with Tito Jackson, Carl Anderson, Ice Cube, The Funk Bros., Bobby Lyle and the Agape International Choir, just to name a few. In 1996 his debut CD, “A stolen Moment”, soared to #11 on the Billboard Jazz Contemporary Chart. In 1997 Cal served as musical director for Toni Braxton on her debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In 2003 Cal performed at the Playboy Jazz Festival opening for the likes of Al Jarreau. Cal also has several years of corporate experience as an advertising director for Code Magazine for Larry Flynt Publications.
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Kavion "KG" Griffith, President of The Beat Music

Kavion Griffith, simply known in dance music circles as “KG” is the esteemed president of TMG’s The Beat Records. He spent much of the last decade, as an independent promoter, advancing breakout artists on behalf of major labels, including Interscope, Geffen, A&M and Warner. Beyond promotions, Griffith is also a creative producer, specializing in several genres of music, including house, trance, hip-hop, R&B, and techno. A capable video editor, he has perfected the video mix concept, which has taken music promotion to new levels. He has an eye and ear for talent, often assisting hands-on in the studio, doing everything from rehearsal and recording to mixing a final record. Having grown up in the West Indies and traveled extensively to places like China and Europe, Griffith has been exposed to various genres of music, including drum bass, hip- hop, trance, and techno. He has worked with DJs representing clubs all over the world, and is confident in his ability to instinctively know what will be hot in the club. Kavion “KG” Griffith is the ideal personality to lead TMG’s dance music label.
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